Privacy Notice

1 – Who we are
The Democracy in Xeque Institute (Instituto DX) aims to strengthen the Democratic Rule of Law, as an independent research institute.

Our actions aim to promote the integrity of information by permanently monitoring the digital political debate, disinformation campaigns and violations of human rights, with the aim of building a truly inclusive and democratic digital civic environment.

2- Purpose of the Privacy Notice

As we value and respect your privacy, we are committed to ensuring the confidentiality and protection of your personal data during the provision of our services and other activities inherent to our organization. For this reason, this Notice seeks to inform:

  • Why do we use personal data;
  • Who your data may be shared with;
  • How long data can be stored in our system;
  • What can happen in the case of international data transfer;
  • Your rights as a data subject;
  • How your data is protected;
  • What are Cookies, why do we use them, what types do we use and how to remove or block them;
  • How to contact us.


3 – Why do we use personal data

It is important for us that you are informed about how we process your personal data. Therefore, we may collect your data for the following purposes:

Personal data
Legal base
newsletter sending
Legitimate Interest

Eventually, other types of unforeseen data may be collected, based on the LGPD, as is the case with the following activities:

  • Submission of Website Information: Notices of changes to terms, conditions and policies and/or other administrative information.

In the cases described in this Notice, Instituto DX will be considered the Controller during the processing of personal data.

This means that we are responsible for the care of this data.

4 – Who your data can be shared with

Third parties may be hired to develop services for Instituto DX. In this sense, we are careful to ensure that data is secure, either through contractual guarantees offered by our partners or through recognized adequate legislation. This way, we can share your data for the following scenarios:

  • With organizations and service providers, who carry out subsidiary activities so that we can carry out our activities;
  • With judicial, administrative or governmental authorities, whenever there is a legal determination, request, request or court order;
  • In the event of a change in our organizational structure, such as in the case of a merger, acquisition or incorporation;
  • When required by law.

5 – How long data can be stored

Personal data may be stored in our system for the following reasons:

  • Purpose of data use: As long as they are necessary to fulfill the purposes described above;
  • Legal or regulatory obligation: For as long as a legal or regulatory obligation obliges us to keep the data with us lasts;
  • Defending rights in court: For the legal period of possible filing of judicial and/or administrative demands by or against Instituto DX.

If any of the options no longer justifies the maintenance of this data, we will completely destroy it or alter it in such a way that it is impossible to identify you as the data subject.

6 – What can happen in the event of international data transfer

Instituto DX may transfer personal data collected in Brazil to other countries, depending on the country in which the client or partner organization is located, or in which country the personal data is being stored.

Furthermore, we inform you that the third-party services we use may carry out transfers to other countries. Therefore, we inform you that on these occasions we use third-party services and partners who seek appropriate standards in privacy and protection of personal data.

7 – Your rights as a data subject
In compliance with the LGPD, Instituto DX guarantees you the right to the following requests related to your personal data:

Confirm the existence of processing of your personal data;
Access the data that is collected by us;
Change incomplete, incorrect or outdated data;
Anonymization, blocking or deletion of personal data
Request anonymization, blocking or deletion of personal data from our systems, if there are no reasons for its maintenance;
Request portability of personal data processed by us, as long as it does not violate intellectual property and business secrets;
Revocation of consent
Do not provide or revoke consent. However, this will not affect the treatment that was previously carried out;
Opposition to treatment
Oppose certain processing purposes.

It is important to inform that there are cases in which some of these rights cannot be exercised, or can only be exercised partially, due to legal obligations of compliance by Instituto DX or in case of Instituto DX's right to keep this data with you. In these cases, we guarantee that access and use of such data will be restricted exclusively to such purposes.

Furthermore, it is worth highlighting that, to ensure that the user who intends to exercise their rights is, in fact, the holder of the personal data subject to the request, we may request documents or other information that may assist in their correct identification, in order to protect our rights and the rights of third parties. This will only be done, however, if absolutely necessary, and the applicant will receive all related information.

8 – How your data is protected

We guarantee that we take care of your data through appropriate technical and operational measures, always valuing the same level of excellence with our partners.

But it is important to highlight that no system is immune to cyber attacks and the like. Therefore, if you become aware of any event that could put data made available to us at risk, we kindly ask that you contact us via the following channel: [email protected].

It is very important that you know that the security of your data also depends on you. Therefore, we recommend that you always adopt the following precautions:

  • Use secure equipment and connections, up-to-date web browsers, operating systems and antivirus;
  • Do not share data sent to Instituto DX on other websites. We will not ask you for other data outside of our official contact channels;
  • If you communicate with us by email, please pay attention to the web domain used. Instituto DX exclusively adopts the following address:
  • Keep your personal information updated with us, as it will be essential to confirm your identity if you request any information or documents remotely.

9 – What are cookies

Cookies are small text files that are automatically downloaded to your device when you access and browse a website. They basically serve to identify devices, activities and user preferences.

Cookies may be used for the following reasons:

  • Website Operation: These are cookies that are essential for the functioning of the page, without which it becomes impossible to perform some of the Website's functions;
  • Website performance measurement and analytics: We may use cookies to understand how our services are being used and, consequently, improve your user experience;
  • Preferences and features: We may use it to personalize your browsing experience and to enable the broad functionality of our products and services, storing some of your preferences.
  • Personalized content and advertising: We may use to target certain personalized content, as well as marketing and advertising content, based on information about your interaction with our services.
  • Social media plugins: Enables plugins from certain social networks when you choose to access our products or services through these networks.

9.1 – What type of cookies do we use

We try to explain in a transparent way why we use cookies. Therefore, we use these cookies for the purposes indicated below:

Type of Cookies
Storage time
Legal base
Necessary cookies
Website Operation
Per session
Legitimate Interest
Third party cookies
Traffic analysis
2 years

By accessing our website, you allow the use of cookies necessary for the operation of our website and you may or may not authorize the use of non-necessary cookies, under the terms of this Notice.

Please note that disabling the use of cookies may impact your experience when browsing our website.

If you do not agree to the use of cookies, you can:

  • Adjust your browser settings to not allow the use of non-necessary cookies; or
  • Do not access our website.

9.2 – How to remove or block cookies

If you want to know which cookies are installed on your device or if you want to delete or restrict them, use your browser settings. You will find further explanations on how to proceed by clicking on the links below:

Google Chrome
Internet Explorer
Microsoft Edge

Disabling cookies, however, may affect the availability of some tools and functionalities on the website, compromising their correct and expected functioning. Another possible consequence is the removal of user preferences that may have been saved, compromising their experience.

10 – Changes to this Notice
This version of this Privacy Notice was last updated on: 16/02/2024.

This Notice may be updated frequently, for this reason, it is recommended that you update your reading.

11 – How to contact us
To clarify any doubts about this Privacy Notice or about the personal data we process, please contact our Data Officer/DPO, by email: [email protected]

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