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Book “Institutional Development: milestones and marks of support for CSOs from the Oak Foundation Transition Fund in Brazil”
Written June 4, 2024

The book “Institutional Development: milestones and marks of support for CSOs from the F. Oak Transition Fund in Brazil” is available for download.

Domingos Armani, one of the coordinators of the DI team and member of the editorial committee of this publication, has made a huge contribution to strengthening social organizations in Brazil. Among them is the Instituto Democracia em Xeque, which is currently carrying out institutional strengthening mentoring with the sociologist and consultant.

The publication records and shares the DI Team's experience of supporting CSOs from the Oak F. Transition Fund in Brazil in the period 2020-2024.
And it deals with both reflections on approaches to support institutional development and the systematization of practices. However, its greatest relevance lies in the fact that it is the product of reflection accumulated by the DI Team over four years of work, expressing the systematization of advances, learning, limits and systemic challenges across the entire field of CSOs.

*Domingos Armani is a sociologist, master in Political Science (UFRGS) and consultant in institutional development for civil society organizations (CSOs) for over 25 years; Through an integral, reflective and sensitive approach, its consultancy, mentoring and teaching initiatives support change processes – simultaneously for people and the institutional whole, aiming to strengthen both as pillars of an ecosystem of social transformation.

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