O Globo article highlights a survey by the Instituto Democracia em Xeque
Written October 26, 2023

A survey by the Instituto Democracia em Xeque at the request of GLOBO shows that Congress's anti-STF agenda mobilized more attacks on the court by the right-wing camp on Facebook in the last month than moral issues, such as the decriminalization of abortion. Furthermore, it was the main topic of the segment on the same network and on Instagram in posts that mention the Court and its ministers. The left, during this period, came out in defense of the magistrates' actions and praised decisions such as the rejection of the time frame thesis and the first convictions related to January 8th.

The analysis, carried out by researchers Ana Julia Bernardi, Alexsander Dugno Chiodi and Tiago Borges da Silva, was based on 33 thousand publications with the greatest digital impact on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, between September 13th and October 13th. Posts by Bolsonarists about the Judiciary mapped generated almost 36 million interactions on the three platforms. Left-wing profiles generated a third of this total in the number of reactions to content that mentions the Court (11,1 million).

— While the extreme right seeks to blame the STF, the left and the center have endorsed its decisions as constitutional, such as the division of Powers presupposes — points out researcher Ana Julia Bernardi.

Check out the complete article: https://oglobo.globo.com/blogs/sonar-a-escuta-das-redes/post/2023/10/agenda-anti-stf-no-congresso-supera-temas-morais-em-ataques-a-corte-no-facebook.ghtml

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