The Globe | 'Champions' parliamentarians in content production on Instagram do not reach the top 10 in engagement
Written May 7, 2024

Survey points to the PT leader in the Chamber as the parliamentarian with the most publications in April, but Bolsonaro supporters lead in terms of reach. Clash between Moraes and Musk was the most relevant event on the network

Quantity is not synonymous with reach on politicians’ social networks. Among all federal deputies and senators, those who published the most in April on Instagram did not receive similar engagement, according to a survey by the group “Democracy in Sheikh“. Meanwhile, the Bolsonarista parliamentary network maintained the posts with the highest engagement.

The 'champion' deputy in content production is the PT leader in the Chamber, José Guimarães (CE), who posted 202 times in April, with 36.537 interactions. The interaction is even lower than third place, Captain Alden (PL-BA), who published 172 times and achieved more than 200 thousand interactions.

Parliamentarians with the highest number of posts:

José Guimarães (PT-CE), 202 posts (36.537 interactions);

Evair de Melo (PP-ES), 195 posts (27.308 interactions);

Captain Alden (PL-BA), 172 posts (203.302 interactions);

Zé Neto (PT-BA), 144 posts (41.204 interactions);

Toninho Wandscheer (PP-PR), 139 posts (4.733 interactions).

In terms of reach and engagement, Bolsonaro congresswoman Carla Zambelli (PL-SP) remains among the most influential, with 115 publications, reaching more than 2,3 million interactions. Surveys by other companies already pointed to the parliamentarian's protagonism in recent years as one of the most popular on the networks. By September 2023, Zambelli had grown in digital media presence.

When analyzing the 10 biggest engagements on Instagram, they all come from parliamentarians who are from the opposition and aligned with former president Jair Bolsonaro.

Carla Zambelli (PL-SP), 115 posts (2.398.810);

Bia Kicis (PL-DF), 92 posts (2.286.955);

Paulo Bilynskyj (PL/SP), 109 posts (2.149.360);

Marcel van Hattem (NOVO/RS), 43 posts (1.789.336);

Eduardo Bolsonaro (PL/SP), 29 posts (1.763.491).

When analyzing Reels posts — short Instagram videos — Nikolas Ferreira (PL) from Minas Gerais leads the engagement, with more than 4 million. Flávio Bolsonaro (PL-RJ) is the only senator to appear among the most engaged on the social network, in third place.


Musk x Moraes Clash

The clash between billionaire Elon Musk, owner of X (formerly Twitter), and Federal Supreme Court (STF) minister Alexandre de Moraes permeated the debate in April. At the beginning of the month, the owner of the social network entered into a collision course with the minister when confronting him about account blocking as part of the investigation investigating the existence of digital militias. Musk stated that he would disregard Moraes' court decisions and release the content that Moraes ordered to be blocked. The Federal Police opened an investigation into the billionaire's speeches. The case sparked debate online, especially among right-wing politicians.

Another trending topic was the demonstration held by Bolsonaro on Copacabana beach, in Rio. The post with the highest engagement is from the former president's son 03 with photos of the event, on the 21st, which reached 210 thousand interactions. The other publication among the 20 with the highest engagement has a link to follow the demonstration live through stories.

Pre-candidate for mayor of São Paulo, deputy Tábata Amaral (PSB) entered publications with great reach in a personal post. Alongside deputy João Campos (PSB), pre-candidate for mayor of Recife and boyfriend of the parliamentarian, the duo showed Campos' younger brother.

Among left-wing parliamentarians, congresswoman Érika Hilton (PSOL-SP) was the most engaged, on topics such as legal abortion, a project to reduce sentences for women in semi-open regimes and even parties. In any case, the left had much lower engagement in terms of numbers than the posts made by the Right camp, according to the survey.

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